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Lung cancer kills over 158,000 Americans each year, far more than any other form of cancer. Logan Morrison’s father died of lung cancer in 2010, and he has worked tirelessly to fight lung cancer, including creating his annual Lomo Camp for a Cure fundraising baseball clinic which takes place in Delray Beach, FL every January. Since then, Logan has created several projects that have helped his community. Now, he is asking young fans to create their own projects. Project Lomo is a call of action to 8-18 year olds, encouraging them to create their own programs or events that help their community become a better place and/or support or fight a specific cause that is near to their hearts.

  • Compelling projects will in some way a) raise awareness and/or money for a specific cause, b) initiate social change, c) advance our understanding of what causes or helps prevent a specific illness or problem in their community, and/or d) succeed in getting businesses or individuals to pledge money to the Project Lomo pledge.
  • Individuals or teams have until August 1, 2013, to complete their project and tell Logan what they accomplished – through a video, an e-mail, a write-up, or a good old-fashioned letter. We encourage participants to describe their goals, the specifics of the project, what they learned, setbacks they encountered, and future plans or hopes.
  • Every approved submission will receive an autographed personalized photograph of Logan and a #5 Morrison officially-licensed Majestic t-shirt jersey.

Project Awards

Project Lomo will recognize five individuals or teams who submit particularly compelling projects aligned with the goals described above. Specifically,

  • Each project leader and guest from the five winning projects will receive a trip to Miami, all-access to a 2013 Marlins home game (scheduled for August 24, 2013), throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, meeting Logan and some of his teammates, and doing a group video with Logan on behalf of the fight against lung cancer.
  • Winning project individuals/teams will also receive a $1,000 cash prize. Winners interested in further expanding their projects will be eligible for additional resources.


Every authentic project has an added benefit! Each submission from a young fan will result in a donation to the American Lung Association from the LoMo Lung Fund. The Fund has already received pledges of $100 per submission (up to 250 submission) and will be securing additional pledges during the course of Project LoMo.

E-mailed submissions must be sent to
Mailed submissions must be sent to:
Project Lomo, 2701 N. Australian Avenue, Suite 100, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

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