June 2013

Donating Your Projects to ALA?

Are you creating a project for Project LoMo and want to donate money raised to the American Lung Association? Well, now you can support the American Lung Association in a new and exciting way. i ♥ lungs! is an opportunity for volunteers around the country to create and produce their own local fundraising events benefiting the American Lung Association. i ♥ lungs! events can be anything from a 5k race, a scrapbooking party or even a wing-eating contest. The sky’s the limit!

Raising critical funds and awareness for the Lung Association through an i ♥ lungs! event is easy. Follow the i ♥ lungs! link and create your page today!

Support us in a new and exciting way! Find out how you can create and produce your own local fundraising events benefiting the American Lung Association.

What an Example!!!

So I received an update today from a Project LoMo participant. I thought her project was such a perfect example for others that want to participate, that I’m sharing her project with you. This is the letter she sent out to her friends, family and everyone that can help…

“Dear readers,

For part of the LOMO American Lung Association program, which encourages youth to initiate change in their communities, my dad and I are hiking the John Muir Trail in California to raise awareness of Lung Cancer and raise money for the American Lung Association. The John Muir Trail stretches 220 miles though the Sierra Nevadas and has more than 45,000 feet of total elevation gain. The trail is so rural it doesn’t cross a single road and hikers have to carry 3-6 days worth of food and supplies at a time. We plan to hike the entire trail in a little over three weeks this June and July. We are asking friends and family to volunteer to pledge a few cents per mile we hike to donate to the ALA. The American Lung Association is a special cause for me in particular because my grandfather passed away due to lung cancer a few years before I was born. We would love if you would pledge a donation based on the miles we hiked, and follow our trail journals, which we will hopefully be able to update several times throughout our trip. To make a pledge, please email your pledge amount to me, and then make the donation after we finish our hike and total up our the miles (hopefully all 220!).

Thank you!

– Sterling”

Hopefully this helps you and your project. I can’t wait to hear about your completed projects!

Going to Bat

Hey Everyone,

Did you hear that I went to bat yesterday for the Miami Marlins? Are you going to bat for your community by creating a project for Project LoMo? Submissions are rolling in and I hope everyone’s projects are going great. If you need help, let me know by emailing lomo@lungfla.org. Good luck!